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Postby lynyrdsghost » 18 Apr 2016, 07:29

Rams sign FA DT Randy Starks. He's played for Fisher and could do well in a rotation. Rams need to use what's left of their draft to help the Offense.

#1(1) Jared Goff QB California. I just think he's the most NFL ready and would win the starting job by the end of pre-season. Totally okay with Wentz and his upside/size but Fisher needs to win now and Goff gives him the best chance to do that IMO.

#4(110) Mike Thomas WR Southern Miss. Good size. May not last this long but has starting potential.
#4(113) Devon Cajuste WR/H-Back Stanford. Good size and great hands. Could be everything they hoped Jared Cook would be.
#6(177) Steven Scheu TE Vanderbilt. Productive TE with the size to play inline.
#6(190) Antwione Williams LB Georgia Southern. Good small school LB. Rams only have 5 on roster that are likely to make final 53.

I would also hope the Rams can trade one of their other QBs. Personally, I wouldn't care who. If they can get something for any of them, they should pull the trigger. Whether they draft Goff or Wentz, one of them will be the starter. I wish they could fleece somebody into acquiring Foles but who knows? A Foles/Mannion/Keenum to Denver trade for their disappointing WR Cody Latimer would look good to me. Maybe a change of scenery could help the former 2nd rounder become the kind of WR most thought he would be.

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Postby EkernMLB » 22 Apr 2016, 10:57

I'd spend one of those picks on a CB or S in a perfect world. But not bad, not bad.

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Postby Ants » 23 Apr 2016, 06:25

It's really tough for me to get too into mocks this year, what with us not having a pick the entire 2nd day of the draft (unless we make some sort of trade up).
Still, it gives us a chance to take a better look at guys that might be available later in the draft.
The draft seems a little deeper this year, I think we can still get some quality in rounds 4 and 6.

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