Ravens Legends Bracket: Eric Weddle Vs. Matt Birk
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    Ravens Legends Bracket: Eric Weddle Vs. Matt Birk

    by Uplandram2 » Sun May 14, 2017 11:21 am

    The next match-up in the Ravens Legend Bracket series features a current and former player. It is safety Eric Weddle Vs. center Matt Birk

    Today’s match-up in our Baltimore Ravens Legends bracket series features two great players: Eric Weddle and Matt Birk.

    One is a former Raven and one is currently still playing for the team. What makes this match-up great is that both came to the Ravens in free agency. Both have left their mark on the team in different ways. Birk brought his quiet leadership and toughness to the offensive line as a veteran. Eric Weddle’s outspoken leadership and hard hitting has helped transformed the Ravens secondary until one of the league’s best. Both are great players, but who will move on here?
    Why Matt Birk is a Ravens legend

    The Baltimore Ravens are great at bringing in veteran free agents and Matt Birk is a perfect example of this. Birk spent 10 seasons with the Minnesota Vikings before joining the Baltimore Ravens as a free agent in 2009. The 2x All-Pro and 6x Pro Bowler was a huge addition to the team. At center, he provided a veteran presence on the offensive line along with Marshal Yanda. He was on the line during the team’s 2012-2013 Super Bowl run.

    If there is one thing that stand about Matt Birk, it’s his durability. During his four seasons with the Ravens he did not miss a single game. Four straight seasons he started all sixteen games at center. He also did not miss a single playoff game during that span. In a game like football, injuries can occur any second. Too have the kind of reassurance and stability on the offensive line is what makes Matt Birk a Baltimore Ravens legend.
    Why Eric Weddle is a Ravens legend

    Eric Weddle came to the Ravens last offseason after a bit of a falling out with the Chargers. It was a big move, considering he spent the first nine seasons of his career in San Diego. The Chargers lost out and the Ravens got a very talented safety.

    It seems like Weddle was born to play for this defense. His physical style of play fits perfectly into the team’s mentality. In just one season in Baltimore, he had one of his best years. He finished with 89 combined total tackles and four interceptions. Not only that, his veteran presence in the secondary has been a major help. The secondary has gone from one of the weak links of the team to one of the strongest parts. He will be the leader of the secondary who also picked up free agent safety Tony Jefferson.
    Winner: Matt Birk

    This was a very close vote. It came down as a 4-4 tie and the winner was decided by a coin flip. Some of these middle match-ups end of being almost too hard. But nevertheless, some has to move on and it is Matt Birk.

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