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Tue Mar 20, 2018 7:15 am

I'm as excited about the Rams future as anyone, however we can't expect or afford to have ALL-PROS at every position.

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Tue Mar 20, 2018 7:46 am

Why not? 25 First Team All-Pro's sounds good to me...

Look it - you have to love what the Rams have managed to do so far. IMO we've had the best off season of any team in the NFL. We've landed a HOF for darn near nothing who has no letup in Talib, we stole Peters who can be one of the best if he wants to be, we're bringing 10 of 11 guys back on the best scoring O in the NFL and we're not done yet. If somehow we land Suh for reasonable price we'll start to have a downright scary team. If we sign\draft\someone steps up at Edge and LB we could have a top 5 unit on offense and defense. If that's not a SB caliber team I don't know what is...

All-Pro at all 25 slots? I doubt it but I'm not going to be surprised if the Rams approach 8 to 10 All-Pro's next season...

Judge our new coach in his third year. After all our last coach was to game strategy what Yoko Ono was to the Beatles...

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Tue Mar 20, 2018 8:53 am

We had 6 All Pro for season 2017...

and Saffold was on the second team All Pro...

So yes it is possible to have 8 to 10 All Pro this coming season bar injuries....

Because we will get more recognition from the league coaching staff, players and sports writers...

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