Bonsignore: Rams cast wide net in coaching search
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    Bonsignore: Rams cast wide net in coaching search

    by RamBill » 07 Jan 2017, 21:47

    Bonsignore: Rams cast wide net in coaching search


    As the Rams criss-crossed the country this week searching for their new head coach, two things became abundantly clear.

    As evidenced by the 11 candidates they’ll sit down with by the end of the first week they can interview current NFL assistants, they are casting as wide a net as possible to find their coach.

    That's a bit of a change from their last head coaching search five years ago when they immediately zeroed in on Jeff Fisher and then waited out his decision.

    That doesn't mean they don't already have a preference on who they ultimately want as their next head coach, but they are clearly deepening the pool from which they will choose.

    Second, they are targeting young, offensive-minded assistants and seem undeterred by age or even volume of years as a coordinator or play caller. Previous head coaching experience clearly isn't a prerequisite.

    Just look at who they are targeting.

    Washington offensive coordinator Sean McVay, who interviewed on Thursday, is 30 years old and just completed his second year as an offensive coordinator. Anthony Lynn, who the Rams will talk to Sunday , was elevated from running backs coach to offensive coordinator to interim head coach of the Bills over the past five months. Harold Goodwin, who the Rams interviewed Thursday, has been the Arizona Cardinals offensive coordinator the past four seasons but doesn't call plays.

    Meanwhile, the perceived two top candidates are both young offensive coordinators with backgrounds as assistants.

    Say what you want about Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and how his success is solely tied into working with Tom Brady, but if you believe Brady, his coordinator has been a genuine asset in his continued dominance. And that's worth something, even with McDaniel's face plant during his two years as the head coach of the Denver Broncos.

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