Ram It (Team Song)

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History of the Los Angeles Rams
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Fri Jan 15, 2016 7:38 am

Interesting that there are 2 versions, this being the long one.

First version I saw was back in the day on some 80's sports TV special. They showed about half the player solos and had cut some of the middle of them. Most likely for TV time.

This long verison I've seen on youtube 3 years ago. The video quality is bad but at least it shows the entire production.

I also think that Norwood Van's solo (aka Limousine Woody) is still by far the smoothest one. That one gets me rockin', the rest are mostly stiff, even Dickerson with his pointing gets worse after so many views! Maybe should've had Paula Abdul choreograph! :P But part of the fun watching this is that it's so bad.


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