Going back 20 years, let's not forget the real reason the Rams left.

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History of the Los Angeles Rams
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The real reason they left is because The people in St.Louis gave them everything they wanted and more with their original agreement. The top quarter stadium clause, etc and all the other demands; anything to get the Rams to move there. But it also gave them this out twenty years ago. Add Georgia Front and Rear and her desire to showboat to the city she came from.... takes the team out of that market... How you let such a thing happen is beyond me. Carroll Rosenbloom must;ve been waiting for her in the hereafter with a loaded shotgun....lol

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It strikes me as quite the bit of irony now that the St. Louis CVC actually sued the NFL themselves over the relocation guidelines being so harsh that they had to give the Rams "fire sale terms" in order to get them to move... and now St. Louis is hoping/praying for strict enforcement of those same guidelines.


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Mon Apr 06, 2015 9:08 pm

This is a great read. Please take the time to read this link. Thanks for posting this....o the irony and hypocrisy of some St Louis fans citing relocation fees.

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We've just about come Full circle :R

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Blood boils when I read about that d-bag Georgia. Steve R. would have been good for the franchise. That was a big swing and a miss.

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Fri Aug 07, 2015 9:13 am

P.S. - Boffo, great find on the mit paper. Looking forward to reading it. I'll need a martini and a cigar to get through it later this afternoon....

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Los Angeles Sports Memories
A lot of this e-book discusses Georgia Frontweird in 1980, The Dieter Brock experiment, and the Dickerson trade. John Robinson is also given some unflattering reviews. - by Doug Krikorian

https://books.google.com/books?id=kAwzC ... re&f=false

Interference: How Organized Crime Influences Professional Football
Here we have another story on Rosenbloom's drowning. This one doesn't point to Georgia but more the conditions of the sea and other possible motives outside of family matters.

https://books.google.com/books?id=YHadA ... om&f=false

LA Times
2000 Interview with Steve Rosenbloom includes some interesting bits.


ClanRam forum
Story by a forum poster (Ramtime) who met Klosterman. Very wordy, skip through if need to get to the Rams stuff.

http://www.clanram.com/forums/f11/rosen ... told-3915/

Dang it, what started all this is that I was looking for the few paragraphs of Howard Cosell describing the bizarre events he witnessed at Carroll Rosenbloom's funeral in his book I Never Played the Game. I read the book several years back and thought that part was online somewhere but apparently not.


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Wow i did not know a lot of this stuff. Great read Thank You!!!!!

LA Rams Fan since 89. Go RAMS!!!!!!!

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Here is another fine read:

The NFL in L.A.: Inside the long con
"......Much is being said about the Inglewood stadium's state-of-the-art design. If Inglewood thinks that makes the stadium future-proof, it should think again. Almost every stadium built for an NFL team is declared to be state-of-the-art upon its opening, but it isn't long before it's being decried as the next thing to a slum by team owners and league officials demanding a new arena or costly renovations.

Inglewood may believe that it has secured a place as a major league city for all time, but memories are short, and the National Football League is expert at putting a gun to muncipalities' heads. Within a decade or so, you can expect the Rams and the league to start complaining about the stadium's outdated facilities and demanding public concessions.........."
http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-m ... olumn.html

You want an NFL team, you give them everything they ask for. Everything.
Or do the fans in LA really believe their new complex will be privately funded.

I am very happy for LA that they have their team back where it belongs. They never should have left.
Let's be real about it though. Many of the LA fans are starting to remind me of Bud Fox.

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Just ordered Los Angeles Sports Memories book. Should be a great read


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just wait , 10 years from now, they will be wanting a new improved stadium or else. I WAS a diehard ram fan, from stlouis. but as you peoles will see, stan " i'm not leaving" kroenke is all about the money, and NOTHING ELSE!!!!!!!! no sense of loyalty or dignity. this " boy" is all about himself. his is truly the spitome of narcissiscism [sp].

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I wonder what the people of Cleveland think of all this...the original home of the Rams

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vinny1717 wrote:I wonder what the people of Cleveland think of all this...the original home of the Rams

They had the Browns, dumbo, who won a few titles. That's like wondering what the people of Texas thought when the Chiefs left for Kansas City.

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