Changes to the forum 15 May 2017

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Mon May 15, 2017 12:05 pm

Hi All,
First, this will first and foremost always be a Rams focused forum. There was some drama with another forum and we won't name names, but fuck those guys. We won't ban you based on where you are from and if you are a St. Louis or LA Rams fan, or anywhere else, you are welcome here.

Couple of changes coming in the weeks ahead:
- Changes to the theme. Want to make it more customizable
- Adding a chat room for live chat
- Adding the ability to stream NFL audio and video when the season kicks off
- Various other small, yet important changes all to make the forum a whole Rams and NFL experience

We do welcome other NFL teams fans and yes, even the 49ers are welcomed here. But, you may have noticed they are at the bottom of the page, because fuck it, we all know thats where they belong, right?! :lol:

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