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    Donate Button

    by UplandRam » 14 Jan 2016, 10:53

    Hello Ram Bros,

    A few members have suggested I create a Donate button so those who wish, can make small donations to help cover the costs of running this forum. I will not place advertising or pop-ups on our forum and try to make money off our forum. This is not what I am about.

    Funds collected from the donations will help in the minimal costs of running this forum and also go to charity or used to purchase Rams gear to be given away in contests. I would like to offer free tickets to Rams games for kids who don't have the funds to buy tickets, this is another way we can help rebuild the Rams community here in Southern California.

    The donate button is now at the top of the forum.

    So, let me know your thoughts.

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    Re: Donate Button

    by riverumbbq » 14 Jan 2016, 18:01

    My default page for this forum isn't the Home page, so I would have missed this announcement of the donate button had I not read about another forum member spotting it. Not sure if it's convenient for you to also have it on the main discussion page, but more folks might see it. Hope i'm first to donate, but either way, it's great to be able to help you continue helping our Rams community.


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