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Tue Feb 02, 2016 4:08 pm

looks like someone is trying to lead the trend of a new site for a new/old team.
well, I would like to hang out but I hope theres some freedom to be an individual around here for something as trivial as sports topics.
People talk about not being politically correct and not being sheep and then cant follow through.

I've been banned by three Rams sites now for ....I dont even know what for?
last year I was banned by that Rams site where the threads look like too many veins and not threads.
I was banned for saying Michael Sam was purely an nfl media stunt and wouldnt make the team. I was banned and guess what? I was right.
but since I didnt pretend like everyone else to say I was getting his jersey,what I said was interpreted as gay bashing lol.
no,it was just a strong opinion no one liked,so what?
I was banned by ClanRam 2 years ago because I didnt say enough rah rah positive things I guess.
the guy that runs the site is supposedly an attorney but doesnt seem to possess critical thinking skills.
During a night game the Rams were in, I was on the forum mentioning a stats I read about their league leading 10 or 12 year span of losing.
so this so called adult says that I cant be a Rams fan if I'm talking about them being losers while a game is on.......lol what?
if anyone thinks that is normal sane behavior, I dont know what to say? sports is entertainment. Not a gang war I need to support moron fans for.

Rams on Demand...all I did was use LA and St Louis and the word move in a sentence,talking about the move.
Which they said was me "calling out the two cities" and that was wrong and I got an infraction for.
I also believe I ultimately got banned because for the last game of season where they give 10,000 Ram Cash for guessing the winner and score of each Rams game....for the last game of the season, I picked SF to win and was off by 2 points of the winning and losing teams scores.
I was the only one to pick the Niners who did win...so I think that upset some really childish people.

its as though they feel obligated to be part of the in crowd. You cant pick the Niners because thats wrong.
..and Some guys would say Rams 50 Niners 0 with a disclaimer that they at least hope it happens, like they have to,to not upset the in-crowd.
I'm on team 'me', lol I like being right. If the Rams suck its not my fault lol.
the fact that i wrote this much about something as trivial as being a sports fan is kind of silly.
the point I'm making is being a sports fan is for fun but who ever wins or loses has nothing to with your life and shouldnt be a personal issue between people.
The Rams were my first favorite sports team a kid,so in the internet age it would be fun to be on a Rams site.
hopefully this site and a couple more pop up.
***my first so called sports hero was Harold Jackson and I think certain racist powers that be, kept him out of the hall of fame.
...and I'm a white guy if you're wondering.

I like all teams and will make fun of all teams. Sports is not a job or a family member. ( ok, I found the Patriots annoying)

PS. as soon as the Rams change their uniform and jersey logo ,please feel free to send me any new Rams t shirts,size Large.
Its greatly appreciated,thank you. :lol:

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Thu Feb 04, 2016 9:12 pm

Weclome, and don't worry about being banned here for expressing your opinion. You won't be banned here for having a controversial on unpopular post. There are a very few things that will get you banned here. I won't explain what they are, but, you can rest assured, if anyone gets banned here it will be for good reasons and they will not be un-banned.

Thanks for joining and I hope you enjoy our forum!

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