Defense overall was really strong, oline, McVay and refs lost this game

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Sun Nov 10, 2019 5:51 pm

Defense had a lot of really great stops today when needed they held Pittsburgh to 17 points and that Goff wrong call when his hand was clearly going forward hurt us and was not on defense.

The defense did their job. The oline has been terrible all year they are almost the sole reason we are where we are.

The reason I include McVay in this thread is because he didn't make any adjustments in the bye week to keep a top tier defense off of Goff. I have made several common sense suggestions - way deeper drops, design rollouts, change up the offense a little to minimize the oline struggles, keep a TE and RB in on longer developing plays etc. In another thread I felt this loss was mostly on McVay imo - he put Goff in bad positions - excluding all the oline penalties.

As for the refs I never complain about them but this week took the cake. The PI in endzone at end of game, the Goff forward pass which clearly was a forward pass it was the refs quick decision to call it a fumble that killed us, then the fumble by Pittsburgh that was not called because again a quick call on the field stopped us from getting the ball.

This was a Murphy's laws game everything went against us it does not look for the Rams this year.

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