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We are a member-supported forum. Our members and visitors support our forum in two ways.

1.) We have advertising links embedded on our forum from various sources. The revenue generated from these ads does not cover all of our monthly and annual expenses. Each time one of these ads is "clicked", we receive a very small portion of the ad revenue.
2.) We also accept donations via Paypal, a PayPal account is NOT required to donate.

For members who contribute via PayPal, you will NOT see advertising in the main areas of the forum. After you donate, you will be moved to the "Special Contributor" group, giving you full access to all features on our forum. Advertising links are automatically excluded from this special user group. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to send me an email or private message. For registered members, once you are logged in, you will not see ads in the main body (posting area) of the forum. Ads will remain at the top and bottom of the forum.

Thank you, your continued support is sincerely appreciated.
UplandRam (Forum Owner)
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