Mcvay rarely runs against stack boxes

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Mcvay rarely runs against stack boxes

Post by Cornell29 »

When the opposing team stacks the box, Mcvay will more likely pass. Even when Mcvay had TG in his prime, he rarely ran him against stack boxes. Only 7.8 percent of TG runs were against a stacked box. He is repeating the strategy with KW. Mcvay did run Akers a good chunk against stack boxes week 1, which Akers yards per a carry suffered.

As Lafleur pointed out, when the box is stacked Rams will pass. Should a defense dictate what the opposing offense does simply by stacking the box? Mcvay clearly believes taking advantage of mismatches. If box is stacked, pass, if box is light, run. This definitely makes the Rams offense somewhat predictable. Bengals consistently lined up in normal or stacked boxes. So Mcvay called a pass. Stafford has the option of audible out of the pass if the opposing defense lighten the front.

It is a philosophy that I'm sure many don't agree with but one Mcvay has leaned toward since becoming Head Coach.

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Re: Mcvay rarely runs against stack boxes

Post by Jacksnow »

Why not:
1. Quick slant run and gun?
2. Draw play?
3. Shovel pass?
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